Yumi is an X Middle School student.

A year before, Yumi got the idea of making a virus to reveal secrets of the Haves, or the Popular Kids, to show that "everyone is ugly"[1].

Her friend Gladys got scared of virus and what the project was doing to Yumi, and over the summer become Alexis Bixby, a popular kid at X School in hope that Yumi would not find her. However Yumi did and threatened to reveal to her new friends that she was really a make-over computer nerd unless Gladys helped finished the "Electric Haircut" project.  

She went into the school's computer system and removed every trace of Alexis. Fillmore talk some scene into her and she ended stopping her virus. When Jonah, Gladys, Yumi and Maryanne as a group entered the Safety Patrol -- she remarked that Principal Folsom is talking to her parents and "if she winds up with detention until high school", she would be lucky. She told Fillmore that she said "sorry" to Gladys and then to him and then "Thanks" for "Making a good argument." 


She is voiced by Hayden Panettiere.


  1. Code Name: Electric Haircut