Winston Kotter
Winston Cotter is the son of a Canadian ambassador. A student from a school in Montreal, he ran a ring of counterfeit baseball cards while using a front of charity and humanitarianism towards the United States all while using his diplomatic immunity to remain untouchable.

His plot was discovered by Cornelius Fillmore and Ingrid Third, though they weren't able to touch him due to his immunity and went rogue to shut him down. Finding his hideout in a drained indoor pool, they took down his henchmen before Cotter immobilized Fillmore with a buoy, only for reinforcements to arrive in the form of Horatio Vallejo and the rest of the Safety Patrol. While he couldn't officially be busted, Vallejo made it clear that the Safety Patrol would make Cotter's life "a living hell" if he caused any more trouble for the school, and the Safety Patrol destroyed his printing press and confiscated the counterfeit baseball cards.[1]


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