Terri is an X Middle School student. She serves as the vice president of the Vampirita Fan Club [1]. She is also a fan of trolls and best friend to Tori, due to them liking the same book. 

Both Terri and Tori entered the Vampirita contest in the hopes to become a character in the next book. However Terri receives an early print of the book ( her cousin is a publisher) which turns out to be lousy and ruins the series for Terri. Unable to tell Tori about the book (as she promised her cousin that she wouldn't tell anyone she received an advanced copy) she set out to destroy their glass sculpture using a metal mold, to save Torrey the embarrassment from becoming a part of the destroyed series. 

She is discovered by TQ (who created the metal mold) during the sabotage. He takes pity on her, knowing what it was like to have a series ruined and gives her the book of grief while also promising not to "rat" her out.

Tori is devastated when the sculpture is ruined. However she goes onto her second attempt with a balloon which Terri cuts. During the day of the contest Tori comes up with a final idea, which Terri nearly destroyed before being busted by the safety patrol. She confesses to the crime and tells Tori the truth. Tori forgives her.

It is probably unlikely that Terri got into trouble for her crimes.


Terri is voiced by Rachel Crane.


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