Raylean Tingley
Raylean Tingley is an X Middle School student. She was also the president of the "Checkmatey" Fan Club.

Raylean launched a fan club devoted to Checkmatey and was its president[1]. As such, she was possibly his biggest fan and constantly gave shout-outs to him when a concert is held at the school.

Once in the hallway trying to recruit new members, she asked if Fillmore and Ingrid wanted to join. They declined due to being on duty. Later, when the two sleuths found a card with Checkmatey's name under a door to one of the dressing rooms, they spotted someone wearing a hoodie which was obscuring his face and gave chase after them, believing the person to be a suspect. While fleeing, the hooded person stole one Chess Club member's stilts and used them to reach over the railing on the second level of the school in one room, and continued to flee from there. Once Fillmore and Ingrid caught the suspect and removed the hood, it was revealed to be Raylean, who had placed the card under Checkmatey's dressing room door in an attempt to meet with him. After exhilaratingly telling Checkmatey she loved him, she was put out the door. She reappeared after Checkmatey escaped Ingrid's home, which was being used as a safe house, returned to the auditorium to perform for a few kids there. Raylean was in the audience, fanatically cheering him on.


One notable trait that would best describe Raylean is her zealousness or fanaticism when it comes to her idolization of Checkmatey. She is also very obsessed with him.


Raylean was a Caucasian, teen girl with brown eyes and long, brown hair. She wore a shirt with varying shades of pink, the darker shade for the collar; the lighter shade below the collar and on sleeves, whereas the front of her shirt is white, blue jeans, and black shoes.


  • She is voiced by Michelle Horn.


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