Before the cancellation of the show a number of proposed ideas were currently being scripted for future episodes. The episodes themselves were never made but some of the scripts were completed and were leaked onto the internet. The cancelled episodes would have marked the shows third and final season if the show had gone ahead.

Proposed Episodes

  • One episode was to see the short return of Fillmore's ex-partner, Wayne Leggit.Wayne would help Fillmore solve a case while Ingrid was ill. At the end of the episode, Wayne would tell Fillmore that although they will always be best friends, they could not longer be partners as Wayne believes that Fillmore has finally found a great one in Third.
  • One episode was to focus on how Vallejo joined the safety partol. It was proposed that his ex-partner Malkia and Frank were involved. Whether the two were to be involved with the case in the episode is unknown.
  • An episode was going to be dedicated to Ingrid's past, finally finding out the reason for her mother's absence. The episode was going to see Ingrid as a true culprit of a crime, though her actions are stopped by Fillmore.
  • A two part finale was proposed with the X safety partol taking down the underground black market within X. During the episodes Ingrid would be offered a transfer to high school due to her intelligence. Ingrid and Fillmore were to have a short falling out over the matter until Fillmore finally gives Ingrid the encouragement to take the position. However the arrangement was a set-up by the boy who ran the underground ring, and encourage Folsom to set the arrangement up so that Third and Fillmore would be separated. The two eventually take down the whole operation and Folsom offers Ingrid the true chance to tranfer. Fillmore tells her to take it and leaves before he hears Ingrid's decision. Stating to Vallejo he wants to fly solo (similar to his actions in the first episode) Fillmore would start investigating into another case. When he runs out of leads Ingrid reveals herself and the answer he was looking for, She reveals she turned down Folsom offers on the account that though she is a brilliant person on her own, she thought she was much better when she was working with Fillmore. The end was to be them going after the perp.