Oscar Guirerro
Oscar Guirerro is an X Middle School student.

His father owns a model train hobby shop. Which gave Oscar an advantage in the model railroad clubs. Considered the best model railroad engineer at the school, he used to win every competition but recently retired for active competition so others could have a chance at winning[1]. There is little love lost between the model railroad and model car clubs, as the former feels the latter think themselves superior because their hobby is not restricted to running on rails. The rise in the popularity scale and remote cars has led to a lost of sales at Oscar's father's business, and they faced having to close up and move out of the area. 

He attempted to kept himself in the city by causing a huge wreck at the train convention and tried to frame a RC Car member, Ralph Eddie, with the remote control and guts of a Speedy Mite 2000. Third discovered that Oscar put the top of Speedy Mite 2000 in his recent layout. The train club knock him out and post warning on newsgroup about him ending his model train career.


  1. Next Stop, Armageddon