Mrs. Konquist
Mrs. Konquist is Everett's mother.

Mrs. Konquist's son, Everett, and Mr. Almaden's daughter, Lorraine, were schoolmates at X Middle School. Not only do their kids know each other through attending the same school, but the Konquists and the Almadens are next door neighbors.

It turns out Mrs Konquist was the one who knocked over the balls from the cage in a mall department where Fillmore and Ingrid were as they almost solved the case[1] at that point, getting them caught up in a ball stampede. Later when the safety patrol officers were at the Almaden home, they found out it was she, who was hiding in a cabinet at the time, who was the one to cause it.

Her reasons were to that by keeping them from finding out where Duappy was would prompt Everett to be needy of the virtual pet so he would continue doing well in making friends and hanging out with real people in lieu of being reliant on the toy so much. She says she would have gotten away with it too, had someone, meaning Mr. Almaden, not decided to spend the day attempting to finish reading his book in one sitting.

Like Mr. Almaden, Mrs. Konquist appears to be a single parent, the reason for which was not revealed.


  • She is voiced by Caroline Rhea.


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