Mr. Geary
Mr. Geary is a teacher at the X Middle School.

Mr. Geary has history with Fillmore [1]. He once called him "a lost cause" and still stands by that remark. He does not believe Fillmore is no longer the thug he used to be.

Mr. Geary once tried to break the world record for the largest bowl of custard. He had put a giant bowl on a wooden platform and had poored portions custard in that bowl. The platform collpased under the weight, resulting in an auditorium filled with custard and a failed attempt to break the world record. Mr. Geary however learned on that day, that he made a delicious bowl of custard. Since that day he has dreamed of opening his own franchise of custard-restaurants all over the country. He even would not mind if the collpasing of the wooden platform would have been the result of sabotage by a student. He would thank the student for his act of vandalism. Ironically, "lost cause" Fillmore did try to sabotage Mr. Geary's attempt to break the world record and if the platform had not already collapsed under the weight of the custard bowl, Fillmore's attempt might have been successful.


Mr. Geary is voiced by Sean Whalen.


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