Lorraine Almaden
Lorraine Almaden is an X Middle School student.

Lorraine was the friend and next door nieghbor of fellow X Middle school student Everett Konquist. A quiet and withdrawn boy, Everett gradually worked his way to opening up to making friends and spending more time with real people instead of always playing with his digital pet, Duappy.

When Duappy went missing, Fillmore and Ingrid investigated[1]. In following the leads they headed to Lorraine's house looking for her, where her father, Mr. Almaden, informed them she was not home at the moment. So they asked him some questions. When the two Safety Patrollers later returned after learning she was the first of the two suspects who kidnapped Duappy and Lorraine returned, they chased after her as she fled.

When caught, the three of them were in her room as she explained her reasons for doing what she did, telling them about how she used to be close to another schoolmate, Biana Bully, even joining her on the cheerleading squad for a while. After quitting the squad and since spending more time with Everett, she hinted at her developed feelings for him as she and Biana had drifted apart. Lorraine talks about how he was doing so well socializing with someone real rather than using an electronic device and figured he could do so much better than that.

When brought in for questioning once again, this time into the school's interrogation room, she felt sorry about what she had done, regretting it and was remorseful. When Everett finds out that it was her who took Duappy, he was not so forgiving or charitable. However, Fillmore informed him how she made a mistake and everyone deserves a second chance.

Eventually, Everett made up with Lorraine and were on good terms. He tried to offer Duappy to Fillmore.


Lorraine was a pre-teen, Caucasian girl who had green eyes and red/reddish orange hair with a fringe and worn in a ponytail with a blue hair band around it. She wore a long-sleeved, olive green shirt with blue collar and three horizontal stripes around the shirt that are in the order of blue-white-blue, blue jeans, and red, and white sneakers.


  • She is voiced by Marley McClean.


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