"It's not the cards you're dealt, but how you play them."
Leonard Grahand
Leonard "Leo" Grahand (real name Gustav Amadeus Douglas) is a former security guard at the Modern Contemporary Natural History Museum of Art, Science and Miniatures and a retired painter.

Though only known to have painted the Lobsterman at Port, Douglas had painted several other works of art that were not accepted in a museum until a curator named Simon Prosper offered him a large sum of money for what was at the time an unfinished painting. Accepting the offer simply so that at least one of his paintings could be appreciated, he dropped out of public life shortly afterwards and took on the alias of "Leonard Grahand", taking the post of security guard at the very museum showing off his unfinished piece to remind himself of his selling out.

After a successful and loyal 30 year career at the museum, during which he was known to have stopped a few art thieves, Leo was soon to be forced into retirement, something he complained about to a young boy and friend of his as well as frequent helper at the museum, Nick. The day a class from X Middle School visited the museum, he took advantage of a blackout to finish his painting as a last act of spite towards the museum for his forced retirement, using his marker to draw the mustache he'd always envisioned upon the painting. His past was discovered by X Middle School Safety Patrollers Cornelius Fillmore and Ingrid Third, who bluffed him into revealing the truth about himself and gave chase into the museum when he attempted to escape with his pen. Ultimately, he was convinced to surrender his pen when told that, even after all these years, it did matter to several other people.

Though he did not end up in jail, the whole debacle ended with him being fired from the museum. Despite this, he sent a smaller signed version of the Lobsterman at Port, complete with mustache, as gratitude towards the patrollers. The painting was hanged by Danny O'Farrell onto a tripod that had been used to temporally replace him as photograph during his field trip to the museum.