Officer Langley Turk
Langley Turk is an officer serving with a different school law force from the Safety Patrol.

One time Fillmore was about to head into Frugal Magoo's Thrift Store, he crossed paths with Officer Turk. Officer Turk, aware of Fillmore's trouble-making past, immediately presumed he was up to no good once again. He was unaware Fillmore had redeemed himself and reformed. Fillmore tried to inform Turk that he was a Safety Patroller. Skeptical, Officer Turk proceeded to apprehend him[1].

However when Ingrid called Fillmore pertaining to their current case involving more info on the circumstances surrounding Guildenstern the tarantula, he exited the golf cart Turk had him in, leaving Turk trapped, buckled in his own seatbelt. Eventually getting free and later finding Fillmore in the storage room of Soetn's General Animal Hospital where Eric Orben was also found, Fillmore managed to one-up Turk again when the officer was stuck in a rolling chair and pushed toward some filing drawers where his tie got caught in one.

Believing Eric was not the one responsible for Guildenstern ending up in the animal hospital, Fillmore elected to help clear him.

Turk was last heard on a loudspeaker, after being found, in a ranting tirade about what and who he really is.


  • He is voiced by Sean Whalen.


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