Joyce Summit
Joyce Summit is an X Middle School student.

Joyce met Fillmore and Ingrid when they were walking through the school's hallway thrice[1]. Each time she confronted him, knowing of his reigning championship in the previous sloppy Joe-eating contests, persistently and eagerly wanting to challenge him to another. However Fillmore could not be bothered with that at the time as he and Ingrid were in the middle of a case. However, later he and Joyce had their sloppy Joe-eating contest held in the cafeteria. Too stuffed to eat another of the sandwiches, she fell back onto the floor, moaning "So… many… sloppy… Joes". She, too, was defeated, leaving Fillmore the victor.


Joyce was a pre-teen, Caucasian girl who had red (or reddish-orange) hair in pigtails, with each pigtail in a green hair band and had a matching eye color. She wore a shirt with orange collar and matching short sleeves whereas the front and center of her shirt was yellow, green jeans and black shoes.


  • She is voiced by Daveigh Chase.


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