Jamie Townsend
Jamie Townsend is an X Middle School student.

Jamie was among the classmates invited to a party by a girl named Jenna[1]. Later, while selling candy at a table in the school's hallway, one of the Red Robins, Ingrid—who was undercover—confronted him about being there. Subsequently he was seen wrapped in toilet paper in retaliation for him cutting in on their business-and-sales turf or territory. Finally, when Jamie is seen in class again, Jenna informed Ingrid she had not been invited to her party because she was still "too new". A timid Jamie then volunteered, offering up his place on the guest list to Ingrid, knowing of the Red Robins' capabilities from the previous aforementioned incident.

Much later he started up his own macaroni catering company[2]. When Fillmore confronted Scooter McAllister, who cornered Jamie in the kitchen and the former two then ended up backstage at the macaroni art ceremony, and the latter pushed the statue of Principal Folsom made of macaroni to him, the former is forced to choose stopping the statue from falling apart, but failed to do so.

After being brought into the Principal's Office for questioning and being accused of destroying the statue out of spite for macaroni (which he denies), he returns to the Safety Patrol Headquarters. He finds Jamie being interrogated about the incident. Fillmore tells Jamie to back him up on that, but he lacks the courage. Following that, he watches Fillmore on a monitor and he informs someone on a cell phone (or walkie-talkie) that the coast is clear. When Fillmore and Ingrid are running through the school's hall, Jamie motions and tells them to come into a room. When they come in, they find Scooter and his thugs with Jamie. It's revealed that Jamie was in on having Augie and Fillmore set up for the destruction of the macaroni statue, he explains why he did it and how it all came into play. Expecting to find Augie there also when stepping out of the shadow, he's surprised to find that it's actually Ingrid instead, dressed in Augie's clothes and Augie makes it to the hearing in Ingrid's clothes, concluding that the plan backfired.


  • He is voiced by Chris Marquette.


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