"Ingrid Third, Public Enemy No. 1"
Episode Number: 01
Airdate: September 14, 2002
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Ingrid Third, Public Enemy No. 1 was the series premiere of Disney's Fillmore!, being the first episode to be produced and the first to air. It was originally broadcast on September 14, 2002.


Safety Patrol Officer Cornelius Fillmore's partner is moving to Tennessee, and his superiors have paired him up with the smartest kid in school, Brad Parnassus. Meanwhile, there's a new student at X Middle School, Ingrid Third. Ingrid isn't finding X to her liking, and when a massive stink bomb is detonated in the halls, all the evidence points right to her. Unconvinced, Fillmore starts trying to clear her name, whether she wants him to or not.


Cornelius Fillmore
Ingrid Third
Principle Folsom
Brad Parnassus
Vute Gratong


  • Parnassis would now be considered the second smartest kid in school and therefore would need to attend the SATTY 9 meeting with Ingrid. However he does not show up again. Most likely he left the school after the episode. 
  • Ingrid is introduced as a safety patroller to the whole school. However this would jepodise her in future undercover missions as students will know who she is. 
  • In future episodes it is implied that X has a high turnover of students. Therefore having a introductory meeting for all students seems unsuitable.