Gladys, alias Alexis Bixbee, is an X Middle School student. Gladys is the computer club president and best friend of Yumi. She was asked to help create a computer virus called "Electric haircut"[1], one that would show the email passwords and private records of everyone at X Middle School. Gladys stated she became scared, "Scared of what it was doing to Yumi". Knowing Yumi could not finish without her, she became Alexis. Over the summer, Gladys turned to Ms. Frederica, the teacher of the dance and contemporary etiquette program, to change her public image. This is where she became Alexis, as described- "I dropped a few dress drosses, got colored contacts, dyed my hair blonde, took my stepfather's last name, and became Alexis Bixbee".  

Knowing the school is big and "divided", Alexis hoped by joining the popluar kids that Yumi would never find her, but Yumi did. Yumi threatened to tell Alexis' new friends that she was just a "made-over computer geek" unless Gladys helped finish "Electric Haircut". Yumi proceeded to remove all traces of Alexis. In order to return to her original idenitity of Gladys, she stuffed a pillow with her clothing, wore a brown wig and glasses.

Third reveals that just by Gladys being herself she had proof that her and Alexis were one in the same. This got Gladys to attempt to unleash the virus unware that FiIllmore had successfully talked Yumi into stopping it. Afer hearing a kid with a broken vase on his head, O'Farrell calls her "Gladxis" -- she takes it as her new name.


They are two errors on Gladys' appearance.

1. After Third reveals that Gladys is Alexis, Gladys discarded her pillow, glassess and wig. Following a jump to see what Fillmore and Yumi are up to, we return to the computer lab, where Gladys is no longer wearing her sweater (though she may have taken it off between cuts).

2. Through most of the episode, Gladys has brown eyes. In the final scene, Gladys is wearing glasses but has blue eyes.


She is voiced by Lauren Storm.


  1. Codename: Electric Haircut