Frankie Polk
Frankie Polk is an X Middle School student. He is also the president of the school's Alternative Art Club.

Frankie, along with the rest of his art club members, were investigated as suspects of tagging the school's toilet stalls because their meeting room had been reassigned, leaving their club without a place to meet[1]. Frankie stated he did not really mind the art club being kicked out of their room as he found offices to be confining to creativity. He then drenched himself with two cans of purple paint, and titled it as 'The Interrogation of Self'.

Later Frankie created a statue of Principal Folsom made out of macaroni[2]. Fillmore was set up as having wrecked said statue. Frankie later reported to the safety patrol's office. As Fillmore started to apologize for wrecking Frankie's statue, Frankie said he was not upset. He was impressed with Fillmore's 'rebellious act of deconstructionism', and was only displeased with the fact Augie Samson was selling fake pieces of the destroyed Folsom-statue. Frankie showed Fillmore and Ingrid a sample of the macaroni Augie was selling, stating he would never use such a low-grade pasta. He had no idea where Augie was selling the stuff, but he was upset Augie's macaroni was everywhere.


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