Everett Konquist
Everett Konquist is an X Middle School student.

Everett was the owner of a digital pet which he named Duappy and which one day went missing[1]. Not one to normally have many friends, other than his neighbor and schoolmate, Lorraine Almaden, Everett was unusually attached to it Duappy, holding it near and dear to him.

In the course of their investigation Fillmore and Ingrid followed leads to a mall department store. Just as it seemed they were on the verge of solving the case, someone released balls from a display cage and the investigators got swept up in the ball stampede, preventing them from reaching a solution. Later, when at at the Almadens' home, they found Everett's mother, Mrs. Konquist, hiding in a cabinet. She confessed to causing the ball stampede, explaining she would rather Everett spend time socializing with real people and making more friends instead of remaining an introvert, and would need Duappy less.

Later it was discovered it was Lorraine who took Duappy. Everett was at first upset and unwilling to forgive her, but Fillmore informed him Lorraine made a mistake and deserved a second chance. After finding out Biana Bully also held Duappy hostage and attempted to drop it in a swimming pool, they manage to get there in time to save it and returned it to Everett, who finally made amends with Lorraine. Deciding he no longer needed Duappy, he offered it to Fillmore.



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