This is a complete listing for all of the episodes of Disney's Fillmore!, which aired from 2002-2004. There was a total of 26 episodes for the show's entire run.

The list given is in production order, though the original airdate is also included.

Episode # Title Original Airdate
01 "Ingrid Third, Public Enemy No. 1" 09/14/2002
Safety Patrol Officer Cornelius Fillmore's partner is moving to Tennessee, and his superiors have paired him up with the smartest kid in school, Brad Parnassus. Meanwhile, there's a new student at X Middle School, Ingrid Third. Ingrid isn't finding X to her liking, and when a massive stink bomb is detonated in the halls, all the evidence points right to her. Unconvinced, Fillmore starts trying to clear her name, whether she wants him to or not.
02 "Test of the Tested" 09/21/2002
It's time for the S.A.T.T.Y. 9 Aptitude Test, and the students of X are freaking out. Then someone dressed as beloved mascot Lobstee the Lobster steals the completed tests! Fillmore and Ingrid need to work fast to find the culprit, or everyone will be forced to take the test a second time! But between protesters and panicked test-takers finding a suspect won't be easy, especially since Ingrid thinks the real crime may be the test itself.
03 "Nappers Never Sleep" 11/09/2002
The pride of X Middle School is Duappy, a virtual pet whose owner, Everett Konquist, has managed to keep it alive longer than any pet in the country. But just as Duappy is set to appear on national television, it's petnapped. Now the clock is ticking, because without proper care Duappy isn't long for the virtual world. Fillmore and Ingrid are on the case, but this might not be the malicious act it appears to be.
04 "To Marr a Stall" 11/16/2002
The ribbon-cutting ceremony for X Middle School's newly renovated restrooms is ruined when a tagger known as "Stainless" vandalizes all the stalls in the flagship bathroom. To try and catch the vandal, Fillmore and Ingrid enlist the aid of Randal Julian, an incarcerated tagger and brilliant artist whose reign of terror as "Flava Sava" was cut short thanks to Fillmore.
05 "Cry, the Beloved Mascot" 10/05/2002
It's X Middle School Spirit Week, and as an all-important bocce ball game looms ever closer, X's beloved mascot Lobstee the Lobster is kidnapped! Fillmore and Ingrid are put on the case, along with Alistair Greystone, X's resident psychic. But with the press breathing down their necks, will psychic powers be enough to find Lobstee before his disappearance becomes public and sends the school into a panic?
06 "A Wurm in Our Midst" 09/28/2002
Someone has stolen almost all the books in the X Middle School Library, and all the evidence points to Tony Clemetina, a delinquent that Fillmore's gone up against more than once. Meanwhile, Ingrid starts digging into a custard disaster that rocked the school before she arrived. With what she discovers, Fillmore is reminded that the truth isn't always easy to find, and that there's no such thing as a 'lost cause.'
07 "Red Robins Don't Fly" 10/12/2002
The X Middle School chapter of the Red Robins set records with their taffy sales, and stop at nothing to keep profits up. Ingrid goes undercover with the Robins to try and bring the group down by finding the 'vault,' a secret stash of goods the Red Robins have taken from other clubs. But between the sweet perks and the Robins' charismatic leader, Malika, will Ingrid remember whose side she's on?
08 "Next Stop, Armageddon" 11/02/2002
After wrecking Principal Folsom's birthday party Fillmore and Ingrid get stuck with convention duty, earning them a front row seat to the worst model train wreck in school history. As the wreckage is cleared evidence is found that points at the RC enthusiasts, inflaming the rivalry between the two groups. Can Fillmore and Ingrid sort through the rubble while Fillmore mourns the loss of his beloved goldfish Thelonious?
09 "A Cold Day at X" 11/23/2002
Mrs. Cornwall's pre-algebra final is legendary for its difficulty, and the word is that some students aren't willing to play fair. Fillmore camps out in the classroom to protect the answers, but a sudden blizzard closes the school, leaving Fillmore trapped and alone. When the would-be thieves come for the exam, Fillmore is drawn into a game of cat and mouse where honor is the only prize worth winning.
10 "Field Trip of the Just" 01/23/2004
Eric Orben's always been a punk, and when the Science Department's pet tarantula Guildenstern in poisoned on his watch, the blame falls right on him. After Orben flees the school, Fillmore's given special dispensation to track him down. But a truant officer with a grudge from the bad old days is on Fillmore's trail, and Ingrid's investigation is turning up an Eric Orben that's very different from the face he shows the world.
11 "A Dark Score Evened" 01/16/2004
There are bullies, and there are victims. That's true everywhere, even at X Middle School. Fillmore's always tried to take a stand against bullying by looking out for the victims. But now that a mysterious assailant is making victims out of bullies, Fillmore's having trouble putting aside his feelings and doing his job. With someone handing out payback, what's the right thing to do? And who really needs protecting?
12 "Two Wheels, Full Throttle, No Breaks" 02/22/2003
A master criminal known only as "Stingray" has been plaguing X for awhile, and now he's organizing a ring of scooter thieves. With Folsom breathing down their necks and student activist Derrick Mena publicly decrying their inaction, the pressure is on the Safety Patrol. Fillmore and Ingrid go undercover to infiltrate the gang and bring Stingray to justice.
13 "Masterstroke of Malevolence" 02/15/2003
Fillmore, Ingrid and O'Farrell get the day off thanks to a field trip. But what should be a quiet trip to an art museum turns noisy when a prize painting gets a new ink marker mustache. Unless they can find the marker that was used to deface the painting before the ink dries, the masterpiece will be ruined forever. It's a classic whodunit with plenty of suspects, and not a lot of time to put the pieces together.
14 "A Forgotten Yesterday" 05/17/2003
15 "The Nineteenth Hole is a Shallow Grave" 11/01/2003
It seems that somebody is rigging the mini gold tournament at X. Determined to solve the case Vallejo puts Fillmore undercover. However Fillmore seems reluctant about this particular case. Is it something to do with his past?
16 "Code Name: Electric Haircut" 01/02/2004
Cheerleader captain, Alexis, has been completely erased from school records after moving away. Whilst trying to find out what happened to her, something more sinister is happening at X. What is computer geek, Gladis hiding?
17 "The Currency of Doubt" 09/20/2003
18 "Of Slain Kings on Checkered Fields" 05/10/2003
The X Middle School chess tournament is put in jeopardy when X's own star chess player, Checkmatey, is being targeted and threatened. Ingrid and Fillmore are put on the case. Could another chess player, Nelson, be behind the attacks or perhaps Checkmatey is hiding a secret?
19 "Foes Don't Forgive" 10/04/2003
20 "South of Friendship, North of Honor" 10/11/2003
Fillmore goes to visit his old friend, Wayne.
21 "Immune to All but Justice" 10/18/2003
22 "The Shreds Fell Like Snowflakes" 09/27/2003
Students are getting their art work shredded by a serial shredder. Vallejo wants to call back a former profiler. However they share some bad history.
23 "Links in a Chain of Honor" 11/08/2003
24 "The Unseen Reflection" 11/15/2003
25 "Play On, Maestro, Play On" 01/01/2004
26 "This Savior, a Snitch" 01/09/2004