"Code Name: Electric Haircut"
Episode Number: 16
Airdate: January 2, 2004
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Code Name: Electric Haircut was the sixteenth episode of Fillmore! to be produced and the twenty-third to air. It was originally broadcast on January 2, 2004.


It appears that Alexis, the old school cheerleading squad captain, has been erased from X and life all together. On the case to finding out what happens to her Ingrid and Fillmore stumble on to something much bigger. But how is Gladis, a computer nerd, connected to all of this? 


  • Several known characters make an appearance as background characters in this episode. 
  • Spinelli, from Recess, makes a cameo appearance in this episode. 
  • Though Maryanne is shown to be mean to outcasts she previous dated Arthur, who can be considered a geek for playing video games. 
  • Mrs. Fredrick states that "Halloween" was six months ago, so the events of this epoisde takes place in March.
  • Parodied crimes: Missing persons and computer virus (Parody of "The Net).