Biana Bully
Biana Bully is an X Middle School student and cheerleader.

While working the case of Everett Konquist's lost Duappy[1], Fillmore and Ingrid meet Biana while she was passing through the neighborhood in which they were following up leads. After the safety officers pegged Lorraine Almaden as a suspect, they eventually found Biana to be another.

What they determined was she and Lorraine used to be close and hang out together. However they began to drift apart once the latter began spending more time with Everett. Jealous, Biana decided to get back at them by stealing Duappy in hopes it would convince and cause Lorraine to return to her.

The truth about Biana came out while at a school sports event when another cheerleader, Mandee, tossed her a book-bag containing Duappy. Fillmore and Ingrid pursued her, ending up in the swimming pool room. Just as Biana attempted to ruin the digital pet by throwing it in the pool, Fillmore dove to catch it before it could hit the water, saving it.


  • She is voiced by Shanie Calahan.


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