Augie Sansom

Augie Samson is an X Middle School Student. He is a con artist, meaning he does not commit large or serious crimes. He does scams. Which are not legal, yet less harmful.

When Fillmore and Ingrid had to find stolen Satty-9 tests, they spotted Augie sneaking in the bushes with a box[1]. Ingrid knew that acoording to rumour Augie found the Satty-9 heavy. When Fillmore and Ingrid wanted to talk to Augie, he ran away. Eventually, Fillmore and Ingrid caught him. They discovered Augie was not carrying the tests in his box as it was filled with packages of tartar sauce.

Another time Augie saw both Fillmore and Scooter McAllister entering the backstage-area of the auditorium and could verify Scooter was with Fillmore when the Folsoms-statue made by Frankie Polk was trashed[2]. Fillmore wanted Augie to tetsify at a hearing, but Augie was reluctant even though Scooter was after him because he knew Augie's statement could set Fillmore free. Augie noted Scooter could not have come up with the plan to set up Fillmore, stating couldnot even set up a tripod. Just when Fillmore was about to give up on making it to the hearing, Augie came up with a plan. He and Ingrid swapped clothes. Fillmore and Ingrid in Augie's clothes ran one way, creating a diversion while Augie in Ingrid's clothes ran to the room where the hearing would take place. As Fillmore and Ingrid were supposedly offered a hidings pot by Jamie Townsend, Augie testified at the hearing. His statements set Fillmore free. In the end Augie was not expelled, but Pricipal Folsom did not let him go unpunished either. Augie had to restore the Folsom-statue which had been trashed. Fillmore was last seen offering him a hand.


  1. Test of the Tested
  2. This Savior, a Snitch